We live in Ft. Lauderdale and we've been going to Conte's Palm Air Golf Academy for 3 years. We even send our children to their camp. We couldn't be happier with their teaching methods and our improvement. They are the best golf instructors around.
Janet & Richard, R.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

My game has really improved compared to when we began. Let's keep going with the golf lessons for the next 3 months. Thank you so much.
Carrie U.
Boca, FL

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Hitting The Ball Further from the Tee

Hitting The Ball Further from the Tee

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

We all understand that hitting the ball longer from the tee can improve your game significantly. A longer tee shot can equate to a shorter and more accurate approach shot. Keep in mind, that this is only true if you can keep your ball on the fairway.
As a Ft. Lauderdale golf instructor, there are basically four factors contributing to a long tee shot.
  1. Equipment
  2. Technique
  3. Strength/Flexibility
  4. Size/Height
The technological advances that have been made with golf equipment such as clubs and balls are amazing. Out-dated golf equipment can be affecting your distance. If money is not an option; switching to modern equipment can definitely add to your distance from the tee.
The most important factor tends to be technique. Pro’s that hit long balls tend to have incredible lag and shaft angles on their downswing. Many of these long ball golfers hold their wrist angle for as long as possible then just snap the club through the hitting area. This technique increases clubhead speed which equates to longer distances on shots. This is difficult to accomplish on your own and we recommend speaking with one of our PGA/LPGA Professional instructors for a private lesson.
You’re finding more and more pro-golfers focusing on physical fitness. The stronger and more flexible you are, the better coil you will produce and the more likely you’ll find yourself hitting longer tee shots.
Typically, the taller you are, the larger your swing arc. The larger your swing arc, the more swing speed that can be generated. This is a factor that you can’t control but it doesn’t mean that all taller golfers are able hit further than shorter golfers. Its just an additional advantage that some golfers have over others.
If you live in the South Florida area, and you are truly interested in improving your long ball game, contact Conte’s Palm Aire Golf Academy and schedule a private or group lesson. If you are not in our area, you can order a video lesson/virtual lesson.